My Music

Interested in the music I've recorded and uploaded?  Well, thank you very much -- I really appreciate you wanting to listen to the things I've put together using the less-than-high-end non-professional recording setup shown above.

This page lists some of the ways to check out my musical creations.

First, the two sites I use to upload music are:

  • My SoundCloud Page: I use this mainly as a hosting site for the MP3's I talk about on my blog. You can find many of my tracks there.
  • My Wikiloops Profile Page:  This lists all the tracks I've uploaded onto the excellent jam site wikiloops. Several of these jams are also shared here on my blog and on my SoundCloud page, but there are many that are not.

Also, below is the listing with links to all of the musical tracks I've featured here on my blog, listed in reverse-order of creation (which is not necessarily the order they may have appeared on my blog):

  • "Git Right On Wit It" (2/8/2015): Many guitars added to a very cool, jazzy/funky track by wikiloop users 'Baer', 'Fred', 'Dick', 'MrSnuts', and 'MrAdamOnDrums'. I took some time to redo an earlier off-the-cuff wikiloops jam, and ended up adding eleven distinct guitar tracks. This is one of those cases where taking the time to get it right paid off, I think (Link to it at wikiloops).  
  •  "Wistful Reggae" (1/26/2015): I added three spacy, slightly wistful guitars to a wikiloops reggae track created by the user "pingala." This was a piece put together very quickly, in as close-to-live-improvisation approach as possible. It's not what I would call perfect, or even 'great', but it was fun to do (Link to it at wikiloops). 
  • "Can't Stop the Rain" (1/22/2015):A jam at wikiloops that evokes a little sadness, I think. I loved the melancholy piano laid down by user "Marceys" and the drums by "Jaymny" and bass by "OB-Lix" really added to the mood. I created two guitar tracks -- a clean rhythm track and a sustained, distorted lead, but I tried to keep both of them from overwhelming the playing of the others. I wanted to add to the mood, not overwhelm it (Link to it at wikiloops).
  • "For the Fun of It" (12/18/2014):A wikiloops jam over tracks by "Jaymny" who played drums and "scrawfrd02" who played acoustic guitar, piano, and other keys. I found the jam very cool and added a single lead guitar track on top. I used a little line that scrawfrd02 had in the background as the starting and ending point of my lead. I think that for a quick one-take lead track, it turned out pretty good (Link to it at wikiloops).
  • "Back in the Outback" (12/15/2014): I recorded a bass track and three guitars  as an addition to a wikiloops track by user, "jamlady."  I really liked the spacy, Austrailian-outback feel of the piece she made with keys and drums, and thought it would be fun to jam over. But it was a little too short, so I looped her original tack twice to make it longer before making my overdubs. It's a bit spacy, but I like it.  (Link to it as wikiloops).
  • "Thanksgiving and Introspection" (11/29/2014): Another wikiloops jam, started on Thanksgiving and finished the next day (uploaded after midnight). I used an overlooked, very cool, moody jam created by "MrAdamOnDrums" buried back in the old jams on the site -- his original mix of drums and keys with Vietnamese flutes made for a spacy, introspective basis for the three guitars I added (one simple chime-like rhythm, one with a repeating  line, and one adding lead on top), I tried to avoid stepping too heavily on the parts Adam had already laid down and it ended up feeling meditative and introspective (Link to it as wikiloops).
  • "Passing Time" (11/20/2014): My newest jam at wikiloops, hot off the press -- I haven't done this in months, and it was refreshing to find a cool drums and bass track and just jam over it. I took the track by wikiloopers "MrAdamOnDrums" and "Bass-by-Face" and quickly added two guitar tracks -- a rhythm and a lead, both of which were done off-the-cuff in one take. It's not stellar, but it was fun to just 'jam' and go for it -- whatever happens. (Link to it at wikiloops).
  • "Bell Song" (10/24/2014): My latest entry in the Forgotten Voices series (along with "Streak of Moonlight" and "My Name is Romance"). This is another solo piece where I did all of the musical tracks -- MIDI drums, bass, keyboards, some bell sounds, and many tracks of guitar. Also, there are sampled vocal snippets from a 1930s radio broadcast of The Bell Song aria from the 1882 opera, "Lakme" by Leo Delibes. The awesome vocals are very likely by famous opera singer Lily Pons. It's kind of a weird blend of sounds, but I like the opera-meets-jam-and-chill vibe. (Link to it at SoundCloud).
  • "My Name is Romance" (6/30/2014): Another entry in my evolving Forgotten Voices series like "Streak of Moonlight", this is a solo piece with over 30 tracks all-together. I edited the MIDI drums, played bass, keys, and added many guitar tracks over sampled vocals and strings from a 1930s radio broadcast. This took a while to do, and I swung between liking it and not several times. I still hear some things I'd do differently, but overall, I think it turned out okay. (Link to it at SoundCloud).
  • "Summertime Smile" (5/3/2014): A multi-track addition to a fun wikiloops jam by keyobardist "Neddings," with vocal percussion by user "Calle". I added bass and then several guitars, but tried to keep it coherent -- there's a defined intro/outro melody, and separated leads rather than a jumble of guitars all at once. I think the piece worked out well, and was definitely a lot of fun to put together. (Link to it at wikiloops). 
  • "Before the Storm" (3/19/2014):  A quick, two-guitar add to a short wikiloops keyboard piece by user "GhostFish". This has a bit of an epic, moody vibe. The beginning clean guitar reminds me a bit of Mark Knopfler and the screaming distorted lead that ends it evokes David Gilmour -- I guess I show my influences at times, lol. (Link to it at wikiloops).
  • "Quiet Thoughts" (3/19/2014): A solo added to a very cool jazz jam over at wikiloops, with drums by user "sessionmike," bass by "KtheBass," and rhythm guitar by "Pete-Silence." I'm no jazz master so my lead tends to be more bluesy-rockish, but I still think it turned out OK for an off-the-cuff attempt (Link to it at wikiloops).
  • "Be Who You Want to Be" (3/18/2014): A wikiloops jam that I really like. It was built on an awesome track with drums by "MrAdamOnDrums," very cool bass from wikiloops founder "Dick", and vocals by the wonderful "Shi." I added a funky rhythm guitar and several multi-tracked lead guitars to it.  I wanted to do what I could to have my guitar parts add to the song instead of overwhelming everything. I tried hard to stay out of the way of Shi's voice, and worked to double (and harmonize) the breakdown line rather than riff all over it (Link to it at wikiloops).
  • "Streak of Moonlight" (2/25/2014):  My most-favorite piece recorded to date. It's all solo, and took a long time to edit and layer the sections. I put together the MIDI drum beats, played keys, bass, and multiple guitars.  I also added sampled snippets of an old radio broadcast from 1936 -- this is the first of what will be a Forgotten Voices series. It has kind of a "jam meets chill" vibe, and I think it worked out very well and has some of my better playing. (Link to it on SoundCloud).
  • "Snow Day" (1/6/2014): A piece recorded all by me -- bass, keys, edited drum loops, and multiple guitars, all done during a couple of days we were snowed in. It has kind of a slow, "nowhere to go because of the snow," feel, I think. (Link to it on SoundCloud).
  • "Drone" (12/29/2013): A simple two-chord jam against a drum loop, done mainly as an experiment to play around with my new keyboard MIDI controller and bass (bought with the winning from my Fantasy Football league, lol).  It was recorded quickly, with no edits, and I like the way the guitars turned out.  (Link to it on SoundCloud).
  • "Floating in the Groove" (12/26/2013): A spacey jam over a wikiloops track with a very cool groove with bass by "Bendeg" and drums by "Gibson".  I looped the original track twice to make it longer and added several guitars intertwining together. Not too coherent of a song, but fun to do. (Link to it at wikiloops).
  • "Wha Da Funk" (11/9/2013): A piece with many layers of guitar, a recurring harmonized melody, a brief metal-ish section, and a throbbing funk bass and drum track provided by users "FunkT" and "Baer" from wikiloops. It took a lot of time to put together, but I like the mix of improvisation, experimentation, structure, and form.  Plus you can dance to it...  (Link to it on SoundCloud; link to it at wikiloops).
  • "Can't Say Nein to Nine" (9/22/2013): One my personal favorites. A jam in 9/8, with bass provided by "Dick" and drums by "focus5" and "MrAdamOnDrums" from wikiloops.  I added a guitar lead in two parts -- a clean part in the first half, and a distorted, screaming part in the second.  I also framed it with a sample you might recognize. It was great playing along with such a tight groove in an odd time signature, and for improvised leads, I really think this has some of my better playing. (Link to it on SoundCloud; link to it at wikiloops).
  • "Rasta Reggae Redux" (9/17/2013): A wikiloops jam started by drummer "nofish", with keyboards by user "rastafari" and bass by "Carpenter." This was such a structured piece that I didn't want to add too much and detract from it.  I added a slinky reggae-guitar rhythm track and a lead track that mostly played a simple long-sustained melody line. I especially liked the chorus horn and organ break in the middle and wanted to add something that complemented it. I think it ended up OK. (Link to it at wikiloops).
  • "Zonin' In The Hive" (9/9/2013):  A wikiloops jam and a foray into jamming on an electronic track.  Started as a jam called "Electrohive" by wikiloops user "DogBass" and given a cool bass track by user "tron12", it was a fun, zoning kind of jam to play against.  I added a spacy rhythm guitar and a lead track that fed off the bass line, and then uploaded it as "Zonin' in the Hie", having misspelled 'hive'.  My guitar's not what I'd consider great, but for two thrown-together tracks, it's not horrible. (Link to it on wikiloops).
  • "Cloudy Night" (8/29/2013): The first track I ever recorded at wikiloops.  It has an infectious bass groove by "Dick" and great drums by "Baer". I really liked their track and recorded a single 'live' on-take improvised guitar lead over it.  As I listen back, I hear some things I'd now probably do differently, but it was a fair representation of my playing at the time. (Link to it at wikiloops).
  • "Choices" (8/27/2013): First track ever recorded using Reaper.  A melding of two diverse MIDI drum track sections (metal and jazz shuffle) with several lead guitar tracks. A bit of an experiment, it still turned out not too bad. (link to it on SoundCloud).
  • "First Thoughts" (8/7/2013): The first track I ever recorded on PC using my Zoom G3X and the Steinberg Sequel LE program that came with it.  A looped section of drums, MIDI bass, and some improvised leads mixed together.  It's pretty much an off-the-cuff piece, but I kind of like the way it turned out.  (Link to it on SoundCloud).

Thank you very much for listening!