Monday, March 2, 2015

Create52: #9 -- I Got It

If you're a clock watcher, you might have noticed something about this edition of my Create52 series of blog posts:  It's the first one so far this year that wasn't pre-written so it could be put up early in the morning.

The main reasons for that is because I've been very busy the last week AND I am currently home sick. I was sick all weekend and didn't even touch my computer. My granddaughter had a bad cold, and then her mom did, and them my lovely wife got it along with a horrendous sinus infection, and guess what? Now I got it.

But even though I feel like... less-than-optimum, shall we say, I am still committed to the Create52 and am getting this post up. It may not be first thing in the morning, but it's still Monday, so it still counts, right?

At this point, let me remind you what the whole intent of this 'Create52' thing is: This is number nine of what I plan to be year-long series of 52 posts under my self-imposed 2015 blogging initiative -- to create something new and share it here on my blog each and every Monday.

If you'd like, you can get a little more background about my Create52 goal HERE, in my first Create52 post of 2015.

So for today, I'm going to offer another piece of music and a bit of writing, all of which tie to the "I Got It" theme, or at least as close as I can get in my addled, medicated state...:

I Got It #1 -- "I Got It"

I recently added another jam to wikiloops, titled -- yep: "I Got It." It is a jam that was based on two tracks added by user "ZamZam". He uploadeed a piece called "Get It" then added some more keys and drums to it and called it "Getting It."  I really liked the cool jazzy, funky, slightly-spacey groove and added a couple of guitar tracks.  One was a wah-wah rhythm track and then a lead track.

I kind of like how the finished piece turned out. See what you think.  You can click on the images to the left or right, or on the link HERE.

It was one of those pieces that was put together quickly, but doesn't sound complete like an improvised throw-off.

It's maybe a little too much of a smooth-jazz feel, but I still think it has some redeeming qualities. I like the funky rhythm guitar and the lead turned out pretty good. I hope there's enough soul in it to overcome the "jazz lite" vibe.

As always -- I'm interested in your feedack and thoughts.  Feel free to leave a comment letting me know what worked for you and what didn't.

And, of course, thank you very much for taking the time to listen!  I really appreciate it!

I Got It #2 -- "No Imagination"

Back in my Create52 post #7 I shared a 50-word story "No Imagination." I had sent it to Tim at and hadn't heard anything about it.  He published the other story I had sent with it ("I'm Alive") but hadn't said anything about "No Imagination" so I assumed he was passing on it.

Turns out I was wrong -- that story did get accepted and published. Tim notified my on the 23th and then put it up on February 24th,

Os if you haven't already read it here on my blog, I invite you to go to Fifty Word Stories and check it out: HERE.

Sometime you don't discover you got it until after you've assumed you didn't.

I Got It #3 -- "Cat Sitting"

And to give this post some other new writing, I'm sharing a "10x10" post I made at the Creative Copy Challenge writing prompt site.

A "10 x 10" is a story of ten lines of ten words each, using the ten prompt words in order, and in the correct position within each line (the first word in the first spot in the first sentence, the second word in the second spot in the second sentence, etc).

From the prompt words, I came up with a story of a reluctant brother stepping up to say "I got it," in helping out his sister who's travelling.

See what you think -- the ten prompt words are all highlighted in the story below:


Cat Sitting

Scrabbled together offerings from six cans and three dry packages,

A technicolor blend of kibble, meat and strange smelling mysteries.

The writhing mob at my feet sings in joyous anticipation.

I set the keys aside and start to fill bowls

Another group enters the doorway, drawn by the clanking sound;

The kitchen is filled with bleating, purring, and eager meowing.

I ask myself – Are we really related to each other?

The only cat I've liked was my costume in kindergarten,

That Halloween my cat suit had eyes like fires inside.

Now feeding my sister's cats is part of my repertoire.


Thank you so much for stopping by, listening, and reading!  I hope you enjoyed what I've offered!

Now I'm going to go back to bed to shiver under the covers. I've got it, but I really want to get rid of it!

Got it?


  1. I Got "I Got It". :)

    And I'm waiting for you to come out with 50 shades of Words. :)

  2. Really sorry you're sick. Bad colds are no fun and sinus infections are downright nasty. I really enjoyed your Fifty Word story. Congrats!

  3. Not sure I would recognize 'smooth jazz' from the more rough cut version, unless of course, it gave me a splinter. And as far as 'jazz lite' goes...what is the opposite 'chunky' or 'fat jazz'. Unless it's gonna give me some real hip spread, I'm not sure I care too much. About the only type of jazz I don't like is the way out there, discordant stuff. Makes my head hurt.

    You piece is very pleasant. Nice driving music. at least it would not temp me to 'put the pedal to the metal' (something I admit, is a bit of a problem for me, on the open road). As usual I likes it a lot.

    You are the master with those 50 word stories. I'm still amazed at how you do it. The 10 X 10 makes my head hurt to think about working that one out, but your engineering brain probably loves it. I remember 'No Imagination'. Loved it the first time and still do. I don't think I had read 'I'm Alive' before, but liked it even better than 'NI'. Great job!

    Sorry to hear that your sick. I looked for you earlier this morning and was hoping that you had not given up on this project already. Better late than never!

  4. Hey, that's rotten to be sick. Get well, but keep writing those shorts. I loved Cat Sitting. I always have such a hard time fitting all those word prompts into a cohesive story, but you did it so well.

  5. Feeding your sister's cats - good brother!
    Congratulations on acceptance of the story.
    Cool addition to the jam. Has a Santana vibe.
    And hope you feel better soon.

  6. GgC ~
    I really liked the Wikiloops jam! Oh, heck, it had plenty of cool soul throughout, and I always love your notes with lots of sustain. So far, you haven't yet posted a Wikiloops tune I haven't enjoyed. This one was right up there with all the others.

    And, hey, I really dig Jazz-Lite. Not all of it, of course. That Dave Koz and Kenny G stuff rots the mind and teeth and is the "Jazz" version of Joel Osteenism. (Hell, all three of them even look sort of similar.)

    But I dig some of just about every form of Jazz there is, including your recordings of what you consider Jazz-Lite. You have a great tone and plenty of funky soul going on in your playing. I believe I've now heard enough of your playing that I've begun to identify your own unique playing style. I guess I'll call it "Electric Fries"... which, in my opinion, beats the hell outta chili fries!

    When you gonna quit the act and get back to work?
    (Kiddin'. I hope you feel better soon, Brother.)

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  7. Oh Chris, sorry to hear that your entire family came down with the creepy crud. I hope you feel better soon.

    I've been all migrainey for almost a month now (with very little reprieve) so I totally get not feeling up to snuff.

    I admire your ability to draft these 50 word stories so expertly! And I've never been good with word prompts and you really rise to the challenge every time. Wowza!

  8. I enjoyed Cat Sitting. And I hope you feel better soon.

  9. I hope you and your family feel better soon, Chris! I remember those days when my brothers and I were growing up and took home every cold/flu circulating at school, and the whole family would be down with it within days! "Cat Sitting" is great! I once went as a cat for Halloween, too, but I didn't have cool cat eyes like yours!

  10. I enjoyed your 50-word tale -- nice surprise at the end. Glad it was published!


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