Saturday, March 1, 2014

Music: "Snow Day"

(image from wikimedia commons)

My intent for this blog is to have a place to share my creative work -- my music and my writing, primarily.  But recently, I've unfortunately been unable to post a much as I would like to on this blog, and a lot of my most recent posts didn't really adhere to this core intent.

So I'd like to remedy that by posting a recent musical piece I created.  I call it "Snow Day" because it was created in January during the height of the polar vortex, when we were basically snowed in at home for a couple of days.  The roads were closed, work and schools were closed, and there was a good two feet of snow in our back yard.  Not to mention sub-zero temperatures and wind-chills near 30-below zero.

I took a lot of the time to make some music, and this piece is the main one I came up with during that time.  It is not a wikiloops piece -- the only musician involved is me.  I played bass, keys, and (of course) guitar, and even created my own drum loops from editing some free ones I'd found and adding in some of my own MIDI drum patterns.

It's not too involved of a piece compared to some tracks I've made, but I like the overall effect -- the vibe kind of has that 'trapped in the snow with nowhere to go' kind of slow vibe, I think.

Feel free to have a listen and see what you think:

I welcome any comments or thoughts you might like to share.

Thank you very much for listening!  I'll see you again with my next post which will be...  at some point in the future, but hopefully not to far in the future.  ;)