Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tuesday Newsday Two-Hundred #2

(Image by Chris J. Fries, using a template from Presentation Magazine)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Ours was great, but as you can tell by my blogging absence over the last week -- a busy one.  I apologize for taking so long to respond to the comments left on my last post, but I do want to stress that I greatly appreciate each and every one. 

I will also do my best to visit many of the blogs that I haven't in the last few weeks.

But for now -- since it's another Tuesday -- let me keep my new Tuesday post idea going.  I mean, I'd like to get a few more than one done before completely abandoning the idea.  ;)

Here's a new, blog-exclusive 200-word story based on a recent news item.  I call it "Trapped":  



Dexter waited.  There was nothing else left to do.

For days, he'd cried out for help, but no-one came. If anyone was looking for him, it wasn't here.

He kept attacking the rubble that surrounded him, frantically hoping to dig his way out.  But there was too much of it, and it was all too heavy.  He'd try, struggling and straining, until he'd collapse, defeated and exhausted. It was useless.

At the height of the storm, when the tornado began shredding his apartment, he'd panicked and fled in blind terror.  At first, he'd considered himself lucky to find this corner of a building where he'd managed to survive the horrendous winds.  Then the building crumbled.

Now Dexter considered it a prison, and -- after days alone, with no food and fading hope -- likely a tomb.

He waited for the inevitable.

Then he heard a voice.

Overcome with relief, he called out. The man heard, called back, and managed to get through the rubble.

But Dexter was filled with fear when he saw the man.  Was the man a looter? Or worse?  Dexter backed deeper into the shadows.

Then the man's gentle offer convinced Dexter.

Looters never share their hotdogs.

(Link to Original Story: National guardsman reunited with dog days after tornado destroys town)


Thank you for reading! I'll see you again tomorrow with a new IWSG post.


  1. Yeah for hotdogs! Love the way you wrapped that up. (;

  2. I read that article in the paper. Good job building a story around it!

  3. I love your story better than the original article. Well done!!!

  4. They don't share their hot dogs - awesome way to end it!

  5. I really loved the line about a prison becoming a tomb. That has such an air of creepy finality about it. Very effective. I really enjoyed this story. :-D

  6. @Elise: Thanks! I caught the bit about coaxing the puppy out of the rubble with hot dogs and definitely wanted to work it in. Really glad you enjoyed it! :)

    @Susan: Thank you -- I don't actually know if the dog was trapped or just hiding under the rubble and not wanting to leave the area, so I took some artistic license and picked one.

    @Robin: Thank you very much! After choosing a story about a crazy lady wanting to marry a psycho killer in prison last week, I wanted to go with something a little more uplifting this week. I'm very happy you enjoyed it!

    @Alex: Thank you Captain! And it is true -- I've never heard a single episode of looters offering to share their hot dogs. Have you? :)

    @Lexa: Thank you very much -- I really appreciate you saying that. :)

  7. aww! I love your story. I hadn't read it in the news so I wasn't expecting the ending. That's the best kind of story for me. Surprise me with the ending and I'm a loyal fan. Hooray for the dog and his Guardsman!!

  8. I'm looking for your IWSG post and can't find it, but I'm glad I read this 'short'. Exceptionally well done. I can barely write a comment in less than a few hundred words.

  9. @Elsie: Thank you! I'm very happy that you enjoyed it! And Hooray indeed for a rescued Dexter and his Guardsman!

    @FAE: I'm glad you found my IWSG post, and also happy that you enjoyed my Tuesday Newsday Two-Hundred!


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